The Overall Purpose of Intellicosting is to Provide Clients with Product Cost Knowledge to Help Them Reach Their Strategic Goals

Intellicosting Process For Understanding The True Cost of Components - intellicostingWe begin by providing overall cost awareness.

This, in turn, leads to cost reduction and cost avoidance strategies. We then provide our client with robust cost information to help drive data-driven decisions. Traditional decision-making processes rely on past unaudited data which could be strategically damaging.

The IntelliCosting Process

The IntelliCosting process is based upon the physics of the manufacturing process. The process allows for the best decisions, as they are based on robust, accurate forensic manufacturing data. The IntelliCosting process is unbiased in that we do not use, or even ask for, client-provided costs or market pricing.

The IntelliCosting Process Allows You to:

  • Set the world-class cost benchmark for a purchased/manufactured component
  • Determine the “true cost” of components
  • Conduct fact-based negotiations
  • Conduct low cost country comparison analysis
  • Analyze competitor’s products and profitability
  • Benchmark your supply base
  • Identify quality and design opportunities

The primary purpose of IntelliCosting is to remove or reduce cost at every stage of the product development and implementation process.

Intellicosting Process For Understanding The True Cost of Components - image-partsEarly involvement is the key to maximizing savings throughout the production lifecycle process. Through technical support, IntelliCosting technical cost optimization at every stage includes a “fresh eyes” assessment of:

  • Value proposition
  • Target cost determination
  • Sensitivity analysis of low-cost countries
  • Competitive analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Commercial support cost book development
  • Snapshot cost assessment
  • Generation of RFQ package
  • Supplier negotiation and selection
  • Cost control for engineering change management
  • Continuous improvement activities
  • Supplier evaluation
  • ...And more

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