We Specialize in Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory and Benchmarking Services

IntelliCarbon - Intellicosting, LLC - greenhouseAssessments range from product-level assessments to complete facility-level lifecycle evaluations.

We provide clientele with a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) analysis that is utilized to support our client's strategic sustainability objectives. The IntelliCarbon engineering staff has over 120 of combined years in manufacturing experience in many different industries, including automotive, alternative energy, consumer products, defense, and telecommunications.

We provide clients with a comprehensive package of environmental services.

These services include:

  • Product Level Carbon Footprint
  • Facility Carbon Footprint
  • Product LCA Carbon Footprint
  • Post-Audit Carbon Reduction Strategies
  • Offset Strategy Development
  • Periodic Carbon Assessment
  • Future Product Carbon Planning

IntelliCarbon has developed unique, detailed algorithms at the factory level to provide the utmost data fidelity, which can provide either a product level impact rating or a facility level certification.

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